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Freshen Up Your Kitchen With The Color Of The Year

Posted on 09/19/2023

Listen, we get it; staying ahead of interior design trends can be both exciting and challenging. If you're considering a kitchen makeover, why not embrace the latest trend and freshen up your space with the color of the year: Viva Magenta? This bold and vibrant hue is sure to breathe new life into your kitchen. Let’s explore various ways to incorporate Viva Magenta into your Kitchen decor for a fun and fresh look!

Viva Magenta: A Pop of Color

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Viva Magenta, the color of 2023, is a delightful fusion of vivid magenta and invigorating violet. This captivating shade radiates energy and positivity, making it an excellent choice for revamping your kitchen. Keep reading to discover some exciting ways to infuse Viva Magenta into your kitchen.

How To Incorporate Viva Magenta Into Your Kitchen

Splash of Vibrancy: A Viva Magenta backsplash can add a pop of color to your kitchen while remaining practical and easy to clean. It complements neutral tones beautifully, creating a stunning visual impact.

Small Changes, Big Impact: For a subtle touch of Viva Magenta, consider using it for kitchen accents. This can include dishware, flowers, utensils, small appliances, or small decorative pieces. These accents bring vibrancy without overwhelming the space.

Central Attraction: Transform your kitchen island by opting for a Viva Magenta finish. This not only adds a striking pop of color but also makes the island a central attraction in your kitchen, serving as a bold yet functional centerpiece.

Accent Wall: If you're feeling daring, paint one or more walls in your kitchen with Viva Magenta. This bold choice can create a sense of drama and excitement.

Ambiance Upgrade: Lighting fixtures in Viva Magenta can set the mood in your kitchen. Pendant lights or chandeliers in this shade create a captivating atmosphere.

A Step in the Right Direction: While not the most common choice, you can add flooring that features hints of magenta. For instance, fun tile designs with a pop of color can be striking and unique. Pair it with neutral cabinetry and walls for balance.


Consider adding LED light strips underneath kitchen cabinets for a fun and modern touch. Many LED light strips come with color-changing features, so you can easily add a chic magenta glow to your space.

Balance is Key: Kitchen Design Ideas

While infusing your kitchen with the vibrant Viva Magenta can be exciting, it's essential to strike a balance to prevent overwhelming your space. Here are some expert tips to maintain harmony in your kitchen design.

Neutral Cabinets: Opt for neutral-colored cabinets, such as shades of white, gray, or even natural wood tones. These timeless choices provide a calming contrast to bold colors, creating a well-balanced look.

Metal Accents: Introduce metal accents, such as stainless steel refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and ovens, to add a touch of sophistication. These elements complement vibrant colors beautifully and add a sense of luxury.

Open Shelving: Consider incorporating open shelving with light-colored dishes and accessories. This not only breaks up the color scheme but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Greenery & Natural Elements: Bring in plants and natural materials like wood to soften the bold colors. These elements provide a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

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Build a Modern Kitchen

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Incorporating Bold Colors: Commonly Asked Questions

Will a bold color make my kitchen look too busy?
Not necessarily. When used strategically and paired with neutral colors, colors like Viva Magenta can add vibrancy without overwhelming the space.

Can I mix multiple colors in my kitchen decor?
Absolutely! Bright colors pair beautifully with various neutral shades of gray, white, and beige.

Can I incorporate bold colors in a small kitchen?
Yes. In smaller kitchens, use bold colors as accents, while in larger spaces, you can be more daring and incorporate them into larger elements.

Can I incorporate bold colors into my kitchen on a budget?
Yes, you can achieve a kitchen makeover on a budget by focusing on smaller elements like accessories, paint, or backsplash.

Can I purchase kitchen appliances in bold colors?
Yes! We offer a range of kitchen appliances, such as ranges and ovens, that are available in fun colors such as yellow, green, blue, and more vibrant shades.

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