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How to Air Fry in a Samsung Oven

Posted on 2/24/2023

Air-frying food in a Samsung oven is a relatively easy process and we are positive that once you learn how you’ll be air-frying your favorite foods in no time.

How to Air Fry in a Samsung Oven

Samsung oven

If you already have a Samsung oven or range with Air Fry, here are tips on how to use the Air Fry feature.

Before you start, we suggest purchasing a Samsung Air Fry Tray. Some models will come with the Air Fry tray but others will not. You will also want to use a baking sheet or tray to place on a rack below the Air Fry tray to catch drippings and crumbs.

  1. Arrange your food on the Air Fry tray.
  2. Place the Air Fry tray on the 3rd rack position from the bottom with a cookie sheet underneath it.
  3. Select Air Fry mode on your oven. Preheating is not necessary when using Air Fry mode.
  4. Select the temperature and time you want to cook your food at, and press start.
  5. Then simply turn your oven off when cooking is complete and take your food out.


Did you know? You can adjust and recalibrate the temperature setting if your oven's temperature seems off. Follow the manual instructions your oven came with as every oven can be different.

The Benefits of Air Frying

If you already have a countertop air fryer or a Samsung oven with Air Fry, you likely already know that there are some major benefits to air frying rather than deep frying your food. Here are just a few of the benefits of cooking with Air Fry settings.

Samsung Oven Air Fry 2
  • Healthy. Air frying is a much healthier cooking method than deep frying and helps to avoid the added fat and cholesterol that comes with frying in oil.
  • Less Cleanup. Air frying is also considerably less messy than cleaning up oil from deep frying.
  • Quick. Compared to cooking in a conventional oven, air frying is significantly faster.
  • Even Cooking. Because ovens and ranges with Air Fry use a fan to circulate heat in the oven cavity, food will cook more evenly than in a conventional oven.
  • Crisper Results. Air frying is perfect for foods that you want to crisp. French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, and even pizzas all are great recipes to cook on an Air Fry setting.

Our Favorite Samsung Ranges with Air Fry

If you are ready to purchase a new Samsung range with Air Fry, Van Vreede’s is here to help. We have decades of experience successfully pairing our customers with appliances they love. We’ve detailed three of our favorite Samsung ranges with Air Fry below for your convenience.

Samsung Smart Freestanding Electric Range

This Samsung electric range comes with No-Preheat Air Fry and convection cooking. This black electric range has many other great features that you are sure to love including:

  • App Connectivity. The SmartThings App that comes equipped with this range gives you peace of mind with meal monitoring, energy usage, and so much more.
  • Elevated Design. This range features a stainless steel design that wraps the cooktop and sides to heighten the look of your kitchen.
  • Voice Control. Use Alexa, Bixby, or Google and voice commands to control your oven conveniently from any room.
  • Rapid Boil™. A Rapid Boil™ 3300 W burner that can boil water faster than ever before.

Samsung Smart Freestanding Electric Range with Flex Duo™

This Samsung Electric Range with Flex Duo™ in a black stainless steel finish comes with No-Preheat Air Fry and stovetop griddle that you are going to love. Other amazing features you will love include:

  • Flex Duo™. You can use the oven as one full oven or two smaller ovens that can cook at different temperatures.
  • Fingerprint Resistant. No longer will you need to worry about polishing the fingerprints off your stainless steel with this resistant finish.
  • Convection+. This range features Convection+, a very powerful convection setting that cooks quick and evenly for baking and roasting.
  • 3.0kW Triple Ring Flexible Cooktop. With powerful heat and precision control, you can go from searing meat to boiling water in a flash.

Samsung Bespoke Smart Rapid Heat Induction Slide-In Range

This Samsung Bespoke Range offers a large capacity as well as Air Fry and Convection+ all in a stunning beautiful White Glass finish. You are also going to love these features:

  • Smart Rapid Heat Induction. This cooktop boils twice as fast as gas or electric cooktops.
  • Rapid Temperature Control. Rapid and precise temperature control makes heating more efficient and evenly heats quickly without wasting energy.
  • Easy-To-Clean. The smooth glass of this cooktop makes cleaning easy because it cools quickly and prevents food from sticking.

Purchase a New Oven or Range at Van Vreede’s

If you’re ready to purchase a new range, cooktop, wall oven, or other home appliance, Van Vreede’s is ready to make your shopping experience fun and easy.

Our family-owned business serving Appleton, Green Bay, and Oshkosh prides itself in providing the best customer service and attention to detail compared. Visit a Van Vreede’s appliance store near you today.

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