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Picking Up Your Purchase

We would love to have your purchase ready and waiting for you to pick up. Please call the appropriate location, prior to picking up your purchase. We recommend at least a 30 minute notice for appliance/electronics and at least a 2 hour notice for furniture that needs to be fabric protected.


Scheduling Delivery

• Contact us as far in advance as possible for scheduling delivery to ensure your date.

• All products must be paid in full prior to scheduling delivery; payment by check/debit card is preferred.

• The day prior to delivery, a Van Vreede's employee will contact you and provide an estimated time window for delivery. That time window is 2 hours for in-town and 3 hours for out-of-town routes.

Prior To Delivery

• Please verify the address and phone number you have provided are correct to ensure that our Delivery Team is able to contact you when the need arises.

Please measure! Make sure your new product will fit where you want it to. Contact us anytime to request your product dimensions.


Customer Responsibility

• In inclement weather, please ensure a clear path from the street to the building entrance. (no ice, snow, debris, etc.)

• Ensure a clearance of 13ft high for the delivery truck. (no hanging wires, tree branches, etc.)

• Please put all house pets in a separate area from the delivery path. Please do a walk-through of your home to ensure that the route of entry is clear as well as wide enough to fit the merchandise that you have purchased.

Cold Weather Deliveries

• Washers require 8-10 hours to reach room temperature following delivery. Our Delivery Team will hook them up but be unable to test them due to the risk of cracking parts that are essential to the operation of the machine.

• Foam mattresses with gel will be frozen upon delivery and need up to 24 hours to thaw to room temperature. These mattresses will be unable to bend to accommodate delivery and must fit through their intended path while frozen.

• The adhesive wrap on refrigerators is more difficult to peel off in freezing temperatures, our Delivery Team will do their best to leave your product looking top notch.

delivery trucks driving through snow

Delivery Teams Cannot:

• Remove their shoes, or wear booties for safety reasons.

• Relocate used appliances to a different address or re-connect relocated appliances to the home's utilities.

• Perform carpentry, electrical or plumbing work.

• Relocate more appliance/furniture pieces other than what has been purchased; one to one basis.

• Do more than basic connections to televisions; stereo re-configurations are not normal delivery procedure.

• Disassemble used furniture to remove it from your home. Appliance removal maybe limited to removing the door on a fridge.

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Appleton, WI
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